One-On-One Sessions

Susan Rieger offers one-on-one sessions for people seeking greater wholeness, balance and wellness.

Susan begins by meeting with you to learn about your interests and needs, identify strengths and challenges, and to clarify your personal goals. Susan also can observe how you move to better assess your strengths and weaknesses and a direction for you. Through this exploration, Susan co-creates with you a unique plan tailored to your goals (and budget), including the work you’ll do with Susan in movement sessions and practices you can continue at home.

Susan’s work helps clients develop greater strength, balance, body awareness, emotional resilience, relaxation, and confidence. She has worked with people living with autistic spectrum disorders, arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, M.S., brain injuries, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, visual impairment, body image issues, and changing and aging bodies.

Please contact Susan if you are interested in discussing the possibility of one-on-one sessions.